Beer - Tasting Notes

Brewski Easy Ale Shifty Lizard Brewing in Mclaren Vale Adelaide
Brewski - Easy Ale
ABV - 3.6% 
IBU - 25
Put down the tools and settle in for some cruisy knockoffs. Brewski is a light, crisp, easy drinking mid strength ale that is perfect for those hot summer days or that quick knock off Brewski with a mate. Light body and easy flavours gives you abetter understanding as to why we called it an Easy Ale 
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Sesh'n Ale
ABV - 4.2% 
IBU - 33

The perfect beer to bring along with a few mates. A lower IBU and hop additions mean it’s approachable for every punter but we have kept it interesting for those after more in their beer.

Tropical nose and the attractive light body pulls you in, followed by the refreshing crisp fruity flavours on the palette that finish it off. At an easy 4.2% abv this chilled out fella will certainly accompany you through the day.

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Bruce Lee-Zard WCIPA Shifty Lizard Brewery Mclaren Vale Adelaide
Bruce Lee-Zard - West Coast IPA
ABV - 6.2% 
IBU - 60
Our take on a classic West Coast Style American IPA. Big fruity nose up front. Then with a flying kick, the firm citrus bitterness steps up, but it doesn’t hang around long before the fruity mouthfeel comes through from the Galaxy hops and finishes you off with a nice refreshing hoppy ending.


KIPA - English IPA
ABV - 6.5% 
IBU - 48
A well balanced English style IPA let the Simcoe hops really stand out. Hops, malt and deep stone fruit flavours compliment the soft caramel notes. Soon after the fruit and grain tango finish on the tongue, the earthy, piney flavours hit and will dry things out leaving even bitterness as your last bold thought. Great last thought to want to start it all again. 


Hard Days Night Ale  

Hard Days Night Ale - Pale Ale
ABV - 5%
IBU - 38
A well rounded Pale Ale using Citra hops for a refreshing tropical hit along with a malt bill big enough to match it. This beer is the perfect burger beer to go with your Whoopi Goldburger at Hard Days Night ADL. 301 Wright Street Adelaide SA.


Stouty McStout Face Shifty Lizard Brewery Mclaren Vale Adelaide

 Stouty McStout Face - Stout
ABV - 5% 
IBU - 42
This roasty toasty black gold is your answer to an all year-round stout lover. An even balance of Roasted Barley and Light Chocolate malt will give you delicate coffee flavours and light chocolate richness before the Med Crystal Malt sweetens it up ever so slightly. Cascade hops are added at 3 stages to give a light citrus hint.


DIPA or IIPA by South Australian Brewery in Mclaren Vale Shifty Lizard Brewing

Gila Monster - IIPA
ABV - 8% 
IBU - 105

Not for the faint hearted, this big American IIPA is packed full of hoppy goodness. Loads of fruity aroma that leads into a well balanced bitterness. With high alpha hops late in the boil it creates a big fruity mouthfeel. Big, bold and beautiful.


Russian Imperial Oatcream Stout brewed by SA brewery Shifty Lizard Brewing 

Rush'n - Imperial Oatcream Stout
ABV - 9%
IBU - 37
A big, roasty Imperial Stout brewed with malted barley and rolled oats. It carries smooth notes of dark chocolate and coffee that take front of stage, while subtle smoky hints sit in the background and add depth to hide the rather large ABV. 
This one will be set to keep your toes warm and a smile on your face during the darker months of the year!