Straight Up Pale Ale

Straight Up! A traditional American Pale Ale

The Straight Up Pale Ale, a beer that marks an exciting new chapter for us here at Shifty Lizard Brewing. This American Pale Ale is not just any beer; it's the brainchild of our new head brewer, Joe Powers, who has brought fresh ideas, skills, and a wealth of expertise to our brewery.

New Beginnings Down Under

In August, Joe Powers and his family made the journey from the Detroit region of the States to Australia to join our brewing team. Since then, he has seamlessly integrated into our production crew, making an immediate impact with his innovative approach and dedication to brewing excellence. Joe's arrival was a game-changer for our brewery, and the Straight Up Pale Ale is a testament to his talent and passion for brewing.

The Birth of Straight Up Pale Ale

The inspiration for the Straight Up Pale Ale emerged during one of our team brainstorming sessions. When asked what he'd like to see on our shelves or brew next, Joe casually replied, "I'd love to brew a straight-up pale." That simple, yet brilliant idea set the stage for his first release on Australian soil.

A No-Frills American Pale Ale

The Straight Up Pale Ale is a no-fuss, straight-down-the-line American Pale Ale that pays homage to its roots. It's a well-balanced brew featuring a combination of Centennial and Cascade hops. Blanaced well with American Ale Malt, Medium Crystal, and wheat in the grain bill. With an IBU of 40 and an ABV of 5.4%, it leans toward the heavier side of Pale Ales, providing a satisfying flavour profile. This pale ale has a smooth, satisfying character that rolls over your palate, leaving you craving another sip. The combination of hops and malt creates a harmonious balance, resulting in a beer that is both refreshing and flavourful.

Pair with Your Favourite Burger

Straight Up Pale Burger and Beer Deal - Adelaide Pale AleIf you're looking for the perfect pairing, the Straight Up Pale Ale is an excellent choice to enjoy with burgers. The beer's bold flavours complement the savoury goodness of a well-grilled patty, making it a match made in culinary heaven.

Get Your Hands on the Limited Release

The Straight Up Pale Ale is a seasonal release and likely to hang around on our shelves through Summer and Autumn. 

You can grab it around town in all great indie bottleshops, on tap at Bar 55ml, Hard Days Night ADL, The Aldgate Pump Hotel, The Crafers Hotel and the Marion Hotel, along with our Brewstillery in Willunga.

Or get it delivered to your door via our online store.

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