The coming chapter, our new look on the shelves!

For those of you who have been following our journey for a while now, you may have noticed a few changes in our labels over the past 12 months.
Originally, four years ago, we launched with our two piece label with a black strip across the top and fun graphic underneath which can still be seen on the Bruce Lee-Zard, Gila Monster, Stout and only surviving original recipe the KIPA.
The Sesh'n Ale and Brewski then moved into the single wrap full graphic with a thin strip across the top. This was brought in to emphasis the sometimes crazy graphics we use to add the fun into our brand.
This however has come with some negative feedback and some complaints that we needed to take into consideration as we move into our next chapter.
The Sesh'n Ale in particular was called out and had a formal complaint lodged to ABAC (the organisation that takes on and processes public complaints about marketing and advertising in the alcohol industry) stating that it was promoting excessive consumption of alcohol while swimming. Although we don't completely agree with this complaint we have taken it on board along with a few other complaints and warnings that have filtered through in recent months and are looking to rebrand all of our labels.
Earlier this week we posted the new look Sesh'n Ale graphic in which we have taken Sid's beers off of him and integrated him into the name. The wonderful pink blow up doughnut is gone and so are the pool tiles as you can see below.
Our new branding will come with a heavier focus on the beer names with the once prominent characters taking a step back. Stress not, the characters we have all fallen in love with over the last four years will not be disappearing, just becoming a smaller part of the labels.
What is the reasoning behind all of this you ask? Our characters, on a few occasions have been labelled too appealing to minors, by going with bigger bolder names with smaller characters, we are taking the focus off the bright colours of the characters and bringing the names of the beers up front and centre.
Some of the new labels are at the printers now and will slowly be making their way onto the shelves in the next 6-12 months!
We are excited for this next stage of our journey and can't wait to share the fun with each and every one of you. After all, the beer is what brought us here but the fun is what really matters!